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Manufacturing Facility

Manufacturing Facility

   Our strength lies in our experience.
   Yes! We have 35+ years of combines industry experience which helps us in the below areas

  • Planning
  • Preparation
  • Execution
  • Completion
  • After Sales Service

   We have the state of art machines to process the orders, from top priority to staggered delivery based on site progress we can match your speed of execution
  Due to our consistent quality, we have repeated orders from same customers for their requirements


  We have Plasma Cutting System from "Hypertherm" world renowned plasma cutting system specialist. Plasma cutting system output is laser equivalent at an very affordable cost, hence we are able to offer economical price at the best and unbeateable price in the market.
  Ranging from 1mm to 25mm thickness of sheetmetal we can cut the designs you require.
  Your Imagination !!! Our Creation!!!


  To complement the operational output of the plasma cutting system we have Hydraulic Press Brake with capacity of 110 tons which provides us the accurate bending dimensions that is required for elevator installation.

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