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  Wear and Tear is a part of a machine's operation
  Any elevator has a running age and regular wear and tear, as time passes by with usage, there can be a situation where optimization of performance and upgrading to higher technology would be inevitable.
  Since last 10 – 12 years all the elevators are equipped with Variable Voltage Variable Frequency Technology. Elevators installed before that are Single Speed elevators and dependent upon Relay Technology for its operation and it is obsolete now.
  An elevator that has become obsolete on the technology part or that has stopped its operation due to wear and tear, or long years of operation without any regular service would require a rehauling/revamp/refurbishment.

Whether the requirement is

  • Simple Operation
  • Aesthetic Revamp
  • Resurrection of Dead Elevator
  • Complete Revamp

or customized upgrade services like

  • Control System upgrade services
  • Gear System upgrade services
  • Aesthetic Upgrade services

  We have a solution for you
  We have completed many refurbishing projects that were challenging and dropped without support by many industry expert companies